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“Enterprise Release Management isn’t magic, and it isn’t ‘market speak.’ It is defined by the practices that will come to define the efficient software enterprise in the coming years and it is the full realization of agile in the enterprise.”The idea of enterprise release manag... (more)
A software release is a highly orchestrated set of changes performed on a complex system, and, as with any change to a software system, it can introduce risks to availability and system stability. These risks are offset by the rewards of shipping updated software to customers, bu... (more)
Managing databases and newer, more exotic NoSQL stores is an emerging challenge in an industry under constant pressure to move faster. While the industry has perfected the art of cloud-based provisioning and configuration of application servers, databases continue to be a pain po... (more)
Software releases are the single biggest factor contributing to system downtime across all industries. Almost without exception, whenever you hear of a high-profile outage at a bank or an airline, it’s related to a software release or a high-risk change being made to a system. Wh... (more)
Two decades makes a huge difference for software developers. We’ve gone from months-long development cycles to lifecycles measured in weeks or days, with some on the “bleeding edge” executing highly agile software releases even more frequently than that. At Plutora, our managemen... (more)
Service management refers IT Service Management or ITSM, while release management is a whole different set of roles and responsibilities that apply to a development-driven IT organization. Some organizations take an ITSM approach to release management, but many organizations are ... (more)
“Instead of adopting cookie-cutter solutions for release management based on static, flowchart-driven models, enterprises need purpose-built systems designed with a model that can be adapted to the needs of an individual enterprise that incorporate components from emerging DevOps... (more)
Plutora and Avocado Partner to Bring Faster Release Cycles to the Enterprise Partnership will help enterprise IT teams evolve their processes to support more frequent application releases. Sydney, Australia, April 12 2016 – Plutora, the industry standard for Enterprise Release & ... (more)
A pattern we’re noticing more and more is that technology departments are starting to get out in front of the business. All too often this creates an odd paradox: the business might be asking technology to slow down because it hasn’t adapted to a continuous delivery model. This i... (more)
“To truly achieve IT delivery assurance, companies must empower program managers and delivery managers with a dedicated tool for introducing orchestrated, end-to-end control of the delivery process and visibility into project statuses, delivery progress and software quality acros... (more)
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