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Three Things DevOps Can Learn from the Enterprise By Sean Hamawi Many of the well-known examples of DevOps success we read in blogs on the Internet paint an idyllic picture of DevOps productivity. A team was facing a stodgy, slow-moving operations department; teams weren't deliver... (more)
Five Surefire Ways to Make Your Enterprise DevOps Initiative Fail Miserably By Dalibor Siroky 2014 was the year that DevOps arrived in large enterprises, and we're seeing several large corporations moving to more agile software delivery and more frequent releases. We've helped ma... (more)
10 Key Release Management Metrics By Dalibor Siroky These are some the Key Release Management Metrics our clients use to continually tune their release management process. 1. Number of Changes pending future system releases (Backlog) 2. Number of Successful Changes within a Releas... (more)
If you've ever watched a submarine movie like The Hunt for Red October, Crimson Tide, or U-571 you'll notice that these scripts always include running a surprise drill soon after getting underway from port. When a submarine submerges after a long port call one of the first things... (more)
How to Support Agility Through Enterprise Release By Dalibor Siroky The challenge facing today's project management professionals is supporting a more agile approach to software releases while managing orderly governance and production controls that are necessary. Project managers... (more)
By Dalibor Siroky DevOps was created to reduce many of these same conflicts and while DevOps has had several high-profile successes it still presents a challenge for larger organizations. Large enterprises managing mission-critical systems still have separate silos for developme... (more)
Five Signs of a Dysfunctional Release Process By Michelle Henry It's easy to fall into a pattern of dysfunctional releases, release processes that are characterized by delay, inefficiency, and endless meetings that encourage people to view releases as a problem. These are the kind... (more)
DevOps Infographic – Enterprise Reality vs Unicorns The post DevOps Infographic – Enterprise vs Unicorns appeared first on Plutora Inc. DevOps Infographic – Enterprise Reality vs Unicorns ... (more)
This blog post focuses on the difference between "Release Engineers" and "Release Managers," and I'm writing it because I've talked to people who don't see what separates the two roles. It's an important distinction, and an organization's view of the difference is an indicator o... (more)
If you've been a release manager you'll understand that you sit between two groups: An operations group tasked with accepting and supporting a software release. This group wants a predictable process, they view releases as incidents to be managed, and they answer to a business th... (more)
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