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The challenge that every business constantly faces is how to remain relevant to its customers. In a world where changes are happening around us at breakneck speeds, the tools we create and support as development teams need to be cycled faster and more efficiently than ever before... (more)
Software testing is an essential part of any software development process to make sure everything works as expected. This concept is nothing new. However, what is the protocol for testing an application that is already in production? New features are requested, bugs are reported... (more)
In the second part of our conversation with Gary Gruver (read part 1 here), we continue to discuss delivery pipeline inefficiencies of enterprise releases. As Gary describes in his book Starting and Scaling DevOps: “The biggest inefficiencies in most large organizations exists in t... (more)
Plutora Environments Addresses Multi Billion Dollar Software Release Challenges Santa Clara, Calif. – JAN. 11, 2018 – Application release delays costing billions of dollars are being caused by poor management of complex enterprise test environments, according to Plutora, the cont... (more)
In his book, Applying Agile and DevOps at Scale, Gary Gruver talks about the differences between the application deployment pipeline of a loosely coupled architecture vs a tightly coupled architecture typical of large enterprises. In loosely coupled architectures, release trains ac... (more)
Stages of Development Testing The need for testing a new piece of software before it’s released to customers is as old as software development itself. However, it’s typically left up to the individual organization to determine what types of testing need to be done, and how thorou... (more)
Plutora Named in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2017 List SANTA CLARA, Calif. – DEC. 14, 2017 – Plutora, a leading provider of continuous delivery management for enterprise IT, today announced that it ranks 389th on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2017. T... (more)
Amit Bali, Release and Configuration Management Lead at eBay, discusses the challenges that drew his team to Plutora, the implementation process, and the advantages of making the change. Amit Bali is a Release and Configuration Management Lead at eBay. He is responsible for coord... (more)
Plutora Named in the 2017 Red Herring Top 100 Global After inclusion in 2017 Red Herring Top 100 North American, the continuous delivery management company is recognized as a global leader SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Nov. 20th 2017 – Plutora, a leading provider of continuous delivery man... (more)
The DevOps mindset can be flipped around and applied to Test Environment Management The hyped mnemonic “DevOps” is equally true the other way around: OpsDev – that is, more and more work in the operations and infrastructure departments happens as development activities with scrip... (more)
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